Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Avoid Logical Traps And Absurdity

The lack of sensitivity in our world is clearly visible when we observe the buildings in a big city, but we simply ignore the absurdity existent in our environment. Our indifference to what is bad doesn't let us pay attention to our reality. We don't understand how ugly our environment really is because we don't concentrate our attention on this matter.

You may believe you are able to understand your reality based on your reasoning system, but logical thinking without sensitivity cannot help you completely understand your reality. Our world is a disorganized chaos exactly because we make many decisions based on logical thinking, without taking anything else into consideration.

Our absurdity is visible especially when we analyze all the wars and crimes that keep happening in our dangerous world. The poverty that tortures a big portion of our population is another clear demonstration of our insanity.

Human beings are insensitive. This truth characterizes the human race. Everyone needs psychotherapy. Everyone must learn how to be sensitive, and at the same time develop their capacity to think logically. This is why God sends us wise messages in dreams. My discoveries after continuing Carl Jung's research give scientific explanations for religious mysteries, besides enlightening the content of the human brain. By relating science to religion I could better understand the meaning of dreams and the meaning of life.

Logical thinking is a very dangerous practice. Ideas are logical assumptions that can be far from the truth. For example, when we don't understand the way people feel we disregard how painful it will be for those who will follow our ideas to put our theoretical plans into practice.

This is what politicians do. They decide how everything must function based on theories derived from their reasoning system, without taking into consideration how others feel when they have to put their theories into practice.

The formation of a world separated in countries that have military forces is the formation of a chaotic world where there is no real peace anywhere. Our hypocritical 'justice' is based on violence and financial power. Without sensitivity we can only make absurd decisions and create unbearable situations. Logical thinking without sensitivity is the acceptance of absurdity without criticism.

This is why the divine unconscious mind teaches you the importance of sensitivity in dreams. You have to understand the importance of compassion and never cause a war.

There are many types of wars in our world. Some of them are characterized by bombs, but there are also many invisible wars characterized by hidden attacks.

You will observe that many of your logical thoughts are absurd because of their insensitivity. They are sent by your anti-conscience (your wild conscience), but you cannot imagine that these thoughts are not really yours because they don't come from your human conscience.

Since you listen to these thoughts in your conscience with your own voice, you believe that these are your conscious thoughts. However, they are illogical thoughts camouflaged into logical thoughts. Your anti-conscience has the intention to mislead your conscience and destroy your capacity to think logically. The anti-conscience is always sneaky and dishonest.

You are free to listen to your anti-conscience's thoughts because you are tested. You must learn the importance of offering resistance to all absurd thoughts. Your human sensitivity must help you condemn these absurd thoughts instead of accepting them, as if they could help you in any way.

You have to remember the importance of goodness during challenging moments. You are tested because you have to acquire consciousness and consciously decide to be a good person. God gives you freedom because you are not a robot, but you must prefer to be obedient and follow His guidance. You have to understand by yourself that your religion helps you live and evolve, without making dangerous mistakes.

Logical thoughts without sensitivity can easily follow illogical patterns. Nothing helps the individual understand the meaning of his or her thoughts if he is insensitive. In the end, his initial insensitivity is replaced by unbearable sensations. The anti-conscience becomes more powerful when it manages to destroy the person's human conscience. This is why it generates many unbearable symptoms, besides sending numerous absurd and negative thoughts to their conscience, without stopping.

You must learn how to identify the logical traps of your anti-conscience and the logical traps of the world. By developing your intelligence and your sensitivity through dream translation you will stop making mistakes. Your wisdom and your sensitivity will protect you.

Even if you already are mentally ill you will manage to acquire sound mental health. The unconscious mind helps you eliminate what is negative in your brain and psyche.

If you will observe the religious lessons of all religions of the world you will realize that all religions teach us how to show compassion to those who depend on our actions, how to help others, and how to form peaceful communities.

God talks about love and justice, teaching us that we have to offer resistance to all temptations to be bad. We have to respect the guidance we have in religious documents and never act based on violence, selfishness, and cruelty.

God teaches you how to stop being violent with more details in your dreams. You also learn how to stop being naïve, indifferent, selfish, and inconsequential.

Now that I simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation everything is very clear. Your conscience will understand the precious unconscious messages in your dreams and eliminate the negative influence of your anti-conscience.

You will learn how to avoid logical traps for being sensitive and connected to your reality. You will always show compassion to everyone. You will always pay attention to details. You will also improve your memory because you will remember all the details of your reality and relate them to your logical speculations.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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